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Originally Posted by Newlee11 View Post
I was wondering about this too because my lifestyle (I work at an office in front of a computer but I do other things) so I chose sitting with some movement. But it shows that as a 24 hour activity. I would suggest showing it as a 16 hour activity with 8 hours sleep or letting us build our own....

Example: 8 hours sleep, 11 hours sitting with some activity (work plus some downtime at home), 5 hours standing and walking (takes care of the cooking and cleaning etc.) This would describe 5 days of my week and then I could add workouts and show which section they should be removed from.
A "lifestyle" is a 24 hour thing. The programmers tell us it figures in 8 hours of sleep. Any other "special" activities and/or exercise should be added daily. The alogrithm adds (or subtracts) the difference between between the activity and your chosen lifestyle activity.

I, too, use seated w/some movement as I work in IT. I add any exercise or other more physical labor that I do. I find that for myself the "math" comes out pretty close to reality if I add in another 8 hours of sleep.

Every body is different and at best any of the basal metabolism calculators are informed guesses and will need individual fine-tuning.

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