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Originally Posted by kcolville View Post
Hey Guys,

I'm back; well actually I never left. I kept reading the posts but did not update everyone on my own struggles. I've been battling myself for weeks. I have put my extreme effort forth with watching what I eat and working out- it seems to not even budge the scale (if not go UP).

Today I feel like breaking down- weighed in at 196. I just don't understand. I've been eating around 1,300 calories (logging pretty much every last thing!) and workings out for 50 minutes- hills, running, elliptical etc.. (4-5 days a week).

What is wrong with me? What can I do differently? Why can't I get out of this slump?

Right now the scale is my worst enemy!!
Kaitlin, I was just thinking we'd not heard from you for a while. Sounds like you're doing everything right. Didn't you have a similar plateau a while back?

Have you tried changing your calorie ratios or foods? I think sometimes our bodies just adapt to what we're doing and we need to change things up a bit once in a while. Perhaps even (horrors!) try upping the cals a bit (some more protein, perhaps)? Suprisingly, I've been losing as fast or faster eating (on average) a few more cals.

Just some thoughts.

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