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Originally Posted by carlyonawire View Post
Hey Everybody,
So, I don't post a lot, but I want you all to know that I read everyday. You are all so alike but different. I love to see how one person reacts to one thing and another take the same situation in their own way. Amazing how many paths we are on to healthy and for so long, we were all on the exact same path to unhealthy. I'm glad to walk this journey with you folks.
I want to tell you all about my weekend.

So I was invited out by a gentleman friend () to go 'mudding' in the Pine barrens on Saturday. So who would say no to that, right? Anyway, it was so much fun! We were out by 8am and we were still hitting the water crossings hard by 5pm. Anyway, shortly after 5pm, we got stuck. And if you've been out in a jeep off road- you know that stuck means stuck. We were waist deep in mud and there isn't a soul around for miles.
In true off road style, my friend had let some folks know that were were going out that day and those folks stay on alert in case you need help. Fortunately for us, there were 2 jeeps on the way. Unfortunately for us- the nearest GPS location was 8 miles away. The main road (it wasn't main- it was made out of sand!) is where we had to meet our rescue team. So, in a valiant, somewhat insane move, we set out on foot to get rescued.
We hiked 8 miles, on sand trails in flip flops! I saw nature up close and personal. I breathed the prettiest air. I saw the most amazing flora and fauna. I had an awesome conversation with a great person. You really can get to know someone in 8 miles!
If that happened in March- I would have had to have been left behind- waiting in the forest by myself. When i say that it is in the middle of no where- the tire tracks on the sand were ours- no one elses since it rained 2 days before! These are the things I am not taking lightly. These are significant, amazing things I am capable of. It may mean nothing to some people, but it means that i am capable. And I will no longer be restricted by a cage of fat. I have so much more to go, but I am simply amazed by my strength and ability now.
I haven't done a time line on my signature, but I think I might now.

March 27, 2011 374lbs
July 11, 2011 327lbs
There are 47 pounds gone. I dig it.
Carly, great story! I'd love to check out the Pine Barrens in my Jeep someday. I don't usually go out alone, so we don't worry too much about getting stuck.

My hat is off to you for walking eight miles. I could probably do it now if I HAD to, but I'd not be in good shape at the end. There is no way I could have come close to that when I was at 327--you must be in pretty good shape!

Now, keep up the good work and those excess pounds will keep melting right off.

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The best exercises for weight loss are Fork Putdowns and Table Pushaways.

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