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Hi There.

My hubby is naturally thin and he can eat ALL. DAY. LONG! And, of course, when we first got together I tried to keep up with him. Stupid, I know! And now, 14 years later, he is still thin and I am, as you put it Laura, as big as a garden shed! Frustrating! Oh so frustrating. But thankfully he, too, is supportive of my efforts. He is even going to Aquacize with me - and he hates the water. 'Course, I kinda gave him the choice between coming with me to Aqua class or going to a Salsa Dance class. LOL He chose the pool.

Good luck to all of us~
~ Sveva

I'm not a perfect girl,
my hair doesn't always stay in place,
I spill a LOTof things
& I am pretty clumsy,
but when I think about it & take a stepback,
I remember how
my life truly is,
And that
I like being
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