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Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
I just have to share with someone who will understand. For years I have not put on a swim suit or even been able to sit in the sun without feeling like an icky sticky blob of sweat and uncomfortableness (is that a word?!). For the past few weeks, I have been donning my swim suit which is too big of course and laying out in the privacy of my back yard. Nobody but those in my home can see me, but you have no idea how good it feels. I am not one to overdo it and be tanned like leather and I am concerned with my skin health as well as overall health but it is just a bit of me time on the weekend that for many years I was denying myself. Feels so good and my body looks healthier with that summery glow.
You GO girl! I will share a secret that could get me tossed out of the man fraternity. A fat guy is in fact a fat guy. HOWEVER, a big woman is just more woman! Don't feel bad I still can't manage to do the trunks in public thing and I am down to a svelte way too fat! You and I both are on a journey to correct that and with patience, hard work and tenacity, we will make it. While I will more than likely never meet you, I am proud of you anyway!
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