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Hi Theresa,
I'm well into my 50's too... married w/o kids though.
I joined FitDay almost 2 years ago and got serious about reducing the calorie load in Jan of 2010 - the results are in my signature. And believe me FitDay was the difference between years of "trying" and 5 months of success.

Like many of us here, I never met a carb I didn't like including good breads. But I have learned to: 1. Eat only the very best bread. If it isn't the most tasty product the yeasty-beasties make I don't eat it. And 2. Save bread for a periodic treat rather than a daily staple. I admit to still missing it especially the ease of sandwiches for lunch. But you know what? There are lots of tasty things to eat out there and it's not like if I don't eat bread today I won't be able to eat it at a later date.

So, welcome again and keep us posted on your progress.
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