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Hi! I have been using FitDay since 2003, on and off. I am starting ON again since I really want to get my weight down (it's been hovering around the same area for quite a while).

I just logged in to the online version again today and noticed a few changes, like this forum. I'll have to check it out some more.

I also have the app for my iPod. That's what inspired me to get back to this, there FINALLY being an app for this site. I had been using Spark People, but I like this better.

Like a lot of people, my big "gripe" is that you can't customize activities. I do yoga (Vinyasa not hatha, don't know what the difference stats wise would be) and belly dance (though that falls under general) and pilates (which isn't really anywhere). I try to "best guess" for what's not there.
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