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It has been a journey I am not sure I was capable of taking. Unlike you tough people I had to use a crutch and have gastric bypass. I am not positive this procedure is in my long term interest but knew a decision had to me made. Well, with the information I had available I made the best decision I could.

One thing I can say is this tool I am burdened with does force some element of compliance. I might also say I am now a cheap date! Went to a fast food taco joint the other day and could not finish the re-fried beans I ordered ($1.19) No drink, nothing just the stupid beans and they kicked my lil' tubby butt! As far as tubby goes I sat at the table struggling to eat those beans in size 42 trousers. I know they are still sizable but they are a long way from the 54's I was wearing just a few weeks ago!

I might also say I wandered into FitDay and this forum not knowing what to expect and found some great people. While I do not post a great deal, you may rest assured I am checking the posts on a daily basis. Mike, Jen, Felicity and my Smithville Buddy (Mr. Hut Or is that Mr. The Hut?) are a great source of conversation. I also love to read the wisdom of our moderator Medcompo and the Wildbeanerz always has some good stuff to toss in the mix. In short, I am very comfortable here. I hope you will all feel free to check in anytime.

All my best
Bill in KC

Highest recorded weight (2010) 396
24 MAY 2011 (Day of surgery) 337 Size 52 trousers
11 June 2011 315 Size 44 trousers
13 August 2011 278 Size 42 trousers

Total Weight Loss 118 pounds and counting!

The journey of 10,000 miles begins with the first step.
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