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Unhappy wish i had an answer for u

wish i had an answer for how to lose the weight. i struggle daily. every single dad gum morning i get up and start again. by breakfast im struggling again. i lost 40 lbs in 2003 and gained it back in 2008 when i changed jobs twice. now i'm almost over 200 lbs again. so freaking depressing. and i really, really hate it when i see other people who eat like crazy and are a normal weight. arrgghh!!!! i truly, truly hate it!! i hate my body. i hate my freaking mind that can't overcome this struggle. it's just not freaking fair. i've tried everything. u name it, i've done it. last time i did weight watchers and lost 10 lbs. that was it! in months and months!! if i had all the money and time i've invested in weight loss, i'd be rich!! i just want to say f-it and stop worrying about it. my husband is very athletic and i can't just f-it for his sake. dang! i need help.
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