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Default High protein but low fat?

I'm getting close to the point in my progress where I want to move from losing weight to gaining muscle. From what I understand, muscle is built from protein, so I'm looking into finding good foods that are high in protein.

I guess my first question is whether increasing my protein intake be necessary, and if so, is there a specific range I should look for? I should probably check weight training websites for that info...

But I want to try to avoid the calories from fat that go with it. This leads to problems. Dairy products end up with some good protein, but are high in fat. Same with nuts.

Besides beef jerky, does anyone know any good foods that give me a protein boost without too much fat? Should I bite the bullet and buy protein powder (it seems awfully expensive, and if I don't like the taste, that will be a BIG waste of money)?

How do the Atkins people do it? Or don't they end up caring about the fat grams?

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