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Originally Posted by NYCMike View Post
It has been a little while since I posted but I have been following along and great to see people's progress and the influx of newbies... It has been a great couple of weeks and I (like Bill and Virus before me) and back in the land of the 200s!!!! I can't wait to be patting you guys on the back for 275, 250, 225 and so on (and vice versa).

@ Amy, Jessica - Welcome to the site... I found that when I started making the changes to my diet, lifestyle and I was an emotional roller coaster, I would come on here and vent a little bit and everyone was very supportive and it made me feel a lot better...

@ Felicity - I have been there so many times with the clothes that I cannot count. Nothing quite like a grown man sniffling in the dressing room of a dept. store. You need to focus on the positives and try to do something small each day that will lead you to a healthier lifestyle... baby steps.

It is funny, the thing that I am looking forward to the most is actually getting back to shopping in normal clothing stores (sadly not there yet).

@Jenn - I'm a TV buff and need to know which show where you watched the entire series in a week!
Hey Mike, How you doing? It has been a while since I heard from you and was hoping you were doing OK! It would appear you are kicking the legendary backside and then recording its name!

I have a question for the group. I am SICK of buying clothes. Even the thrift stores groan when I come in now. I am crashing through clothing sizes faster than I expected. Does anyone know if it is worth the trouble to have some REALLY GOOD and VERY VERY Expensive clothes tailored to smaller sizes? The ones I dread tossing are hand made custom tailored things that I was able to afford in another lifetime.

KEEP STROKING! The finish line is closer every day!
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