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Well folks it is Saturday and I am still Far from normal, I can see this could take a few months to leave my system. I am on a crazy food intake due to my illness and have actually gained 2 lbs..misery. I live on Ensure, Jello and mashed potatoes but I am now eating some salmon,which doesn't make me sick. I am still so conscience of what I put in my body tho..not that it does me any good! Lol

Nita, Well Done on the inches lost!!!! You have done so very well and I am impressed! What a fantastic experience to dash to your closet and put on Smaller pants! You are doing all sorts of things well to get results like goes to show that changing habits and taking things slowly, one step at a time, add up. I think too many people try to do too many crazy things at once to lose weight and just cannot maintain it day to day...

I also have the Zumba DVD set and just adore it..once I get tucked into it! I still like my Oxycise the best and can stick with that everyday, normally, that is. I picked up the broom today and used it for about 15 seconds before I was exhausted, but things will get better!

The Royals left Canada last night and are in Hollywood now, this will be exciting for them meeting movie stars!

Time for a rest and to drink more water. I hope everyone had a good Saturday.


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