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Ok this is the second time Ive done this...the first time woulnt post.

Wild Salmon/ wild rice meal

1 wild salmon filet/ dill sauce ( from highliners ,, 180 calories)
1 cup already prepared wild rice (rinsed ,,,, 160 per cup)

Take the filet and pop in oven..while that cooking take the wild rice and stir fry in 1 tbsp of olive oil,, 120 calories, add onions, peppers, garlic cloves, any low calorie veggies you have kicking around. (keep to under 30 calories)
When fish is done,,so is the rice.
Finish meal with sugar free jelly for 7 calories per serving!
total 497 calories!

Spagetti squash

take one spagetti squash and microwave,,piercing squash lots) 100 calories per cup
when tender take out and let cool down. Careful its very hot inside!!!

Take one tin of diced tomatoes, with herbs (230 calories per cup)
Dump into a saute pan,,,and add some crushed garlic, onions, peppers (27 calories per pepper), oregano, basil.
Let meld together in pan to reduce and flavours mingle.

Take spagetti squash ( I use two cups) 200 calories
1 cup sauce ( 250 calories)
ramono cheese , sprinkled, use sparingly,,heavy in calories 20 calories

Starter course 1 cup mixed greens (10 calories), sprinkled with balsamic vinegar., ( 10 calories per tbsp)
Finish with sugar free jello 7 calories per serving

497 calories
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