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Weight wasn't an issue for me until about 4 years ago. I am losing, because:

1. I want to be healthy again! My BMI says I'm overweight.
2. I'm always tired. I want my energy and life back now!
3. My husband enjoys most of my curves, but I am 100% uncomfortable in my skin.
4. I have a closet and drawers full of clothes that I can't fit. I'm even snug in my workout clothes. Recently had to go out and buy a ton of clothes, because nothing fit anymore.
5. I used to love working out, but the more weight I gained, the harder it was to do so.
6. I'm embarrassed to visit family and friends who haven't seen me in a while, because I've gained 1/2 my weight from just a few years ago.
7. I hate, hate, hate seeing new pix of me.
Starting weight: 140 lbs. 6/28/10
Pounds lost: 4
Current weight: 136
Goal weight: 115
Goal date: 12/01/10
Height: 5'1"
Gained weight for unknown reason then pregnant, but lost baby. New stats below:[/B]

Starting weight: 153 (can't remember date, but sometime in early June. Down to 145 very shortly after.
Weight as of October 6, 2011: 136
Mini-Goal: 125
Goal date: 12/01/11
Ultimate goal: 115 by 3/01/12
[B]I need to drink more water!
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