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I found my book at a thrift store for 25 cents. That was 8 years ago. I went from 244 pounds to 183 and stayed there for 2 years on a modified low carb eating regimin . Then I got throat cancer and all during the weeks of radiation when I could not eat and the Onco wanted me to gain weight I had an instant breakfast drink full of vanilla ice cream about 5 times a day.

Needless to say in no time I gained back up to 216 and when I felt good again went back on WOE and got down to 163 and stayed there for 6 years. Lately I have been sliding back into my old carb habits and this morning weighed 175. errrrrrrrrr So I know the solution and I'm back on plan, back on fitday and ready to win. For me Atkins is the only way to go.
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