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Something similar to this used to be served at my favorite Mexican place. One night I was hungry for it and couldn't afford the time or money to go out, so I chopped up a few veggies and tossed them in a bowl with a packet of taco seasoning. Well it got out of hand, this recipe gets huge fast. But it was okay because the next night we had a small party planned, so I pulled it out and parked it in the middle of the table with a bag of chips. At sometime around midnight I realized that there were like 5 guys sitting around the table passing the bowl, they had already devoured the chips, so they were putting the salsa on anything they could find. Apparently it's very good on toasted pita bread, potato chips, little squares of rye bread, slices of cheese, pieces of lettuce off the bottom of a deli tray, the last piece of bologna in the fridge and when all that's gone a spoon works well too. It's less good but still somewhat edible on apple crumb cake.

A few days later one of the guys at the party made a passing comment about hating vegetables. And I was like "WHAT?", I had watched him eat no less than a quart of the salsa which is like 100% vegetables. So it's a great way to throw down vegetables if you're typically not a big fan.
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