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Hi Nancy,

I was a little worried about you, glad you are a bit better. You are amazing to be on a weight lose programme when you have so much going on at the moment. I really admire you for your determination and courage. You put me to shame for whinging about a couple of bent fingers.

The weather has been better here, so have been up the allottment and down the garden quite a bit. Haven,t lost any weight this week, stayed the same! At least I didn't gain! I have got to get my **** in gear or I shant meet my 205lb deadline for holiday at the end of the month.

I did measure myself and to my surprise found I had lost 3" off my chest, 3" waist, 3" hips, 1" neck and 1" calf. You could have knocked me down with a feather! I rushed upstairs and got a pair of tailored cropped trousers out of the wardrobe that I had not worn for about 3 years... and they fitted perfectly! So chuffed.

This weeks goals:

1. I am going to log every morsel of food this week and get out my Zumba dvds AND USE THEM!

2. I am going to lose at least 2lb (needs to be 2.5lb to hit target over next 3 weeks).

Glad you like the Royal couple. I agree they do seem very genuine and approachable. He is very much his mothers son and she appears to come from a very nice family.

Take care
start: June 2, 2011 - 219lbs
Goal: 120lbs - weight when I got married 20 years ago.

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