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To the OP, you R adorable. I would soooooo try to hit that!
I swear sometimes the extra weight is just a great tool at weeding out the 1s u wouldn't want 2 grow with anyway.
Some day your prince/princess will come (cue Snow White song).

1. to model positive food interactions w DD and provide her with parents capable of vigorous active play.
2. DD - again. i remember a girl in middle school telling me how lucky I was that my mom was small. Her mom was extremely morbidly obese. I didnt really understand what she was saying at the time, but do now. I want my girl to be PROUD of her mommy. I would hate to think she felt shame or embarrassment bc of my weight.
3. obese individuals are discriminated against. I actually notice I am treated better when closer to a healthy weight. It really hurts.
4. I love my tiny little waistline and I'm gonna get it back!!
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