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I just had to post because I saw Jules name and thought "wow, that's my hero that started the 5-15 club! It has really blossomed-thanks Jules and good to see you post!

I think all of us have someone we'd like to see lose weight that we love. In my household, it's my teenage daughter. Hubby works out and eats healthy. Obviously my relationship with my daughter is different than my husband, but human nature being what it is, most people won't change until they're ready and nagging or pleading doesn't work. I don't know who shops in your home, but I do the shopping so I can exert some control there. If others want unhealthy food, they have to fend for themselves. Other than that, I try to give loving acceptance, prepare healthy meals (i'm not perfect!) and set a good example. When she's ready to change her eating habits, I'll support her every step of the way. As for exercise, sometimes she lets me train her (that's my job by trade), but I don't push it on her. I invite her for walks and sometimes she comes, other times declines.

One thing I'm thinking of trying is to have a non-gadget day each week. No t.v., no texting, no facebook for everyone. Could hear a lot of screaming about the texting though! Obviously I'd miss the forums
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