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Default The Food Lovers Diet

I like this program. It is very straight forward, gives to all the tools you need, and is very well balanced nutrition wise. Best thing about Food Lovers is that it teaches how to eat once you have lost the weight and how to keep the weight off. Another feature is that you eat food you already have at home or that is commonly found in the store.

Exercise wise the program comes with a DVD that could be useful for someone just getting into working out or unsure what type of exercise to do. The program has cardio and resistance training in each routine. There are 4 routines, two 12 minute routines and two 36 minute routines. Each routine offers modifications of the exercises to encourage all fitness levels.

While I really like the diet part of this program I am not much for the exercise program they use and I do not listen to the motivational tapes because I never have found any of those "self help" things useful, but I know a lot of people find them helpful. As far as working out goes I prefer to pick my own activities.

Since I just beginning this program it will be another week or so before I really start benefiting from it but I have lost 2ibs in one week and I really feel great.
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