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Default Weight loss has come to a hault :(

Ive been on my diet since October last year, so far i have lost 3 stone but ideally i want to loose another 2 stone. I havent changed my eating habits at all, since i have been dieting apart from the christmas period i have eaten healthily and exercised regularly. Problem now is nothings happening, before when i saw each week how much weight i lost i felt motivated and it spurred me on to keep at it. Each week now i am getting nothing, the same weight reading everytime and its getting me down. None of my family, friends or even my husband understand why im feeling like this. As far as they are concerned ive lost 3 stone and should be proud. I am proud but im still over weight, i still want to be as healthy as i can for my 14 month old daughter. I have recently stopped breastfeeding my little one and i thought that i might loose weight once i stopped but i havent. Im exercising more now than what i ever have done, and my eating habits are the best they have been in my life. Is it normal to feel like this? Is it likely i will see a loss will it just take time? Looking for some inspiration if anyone has any on offer

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