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how bout that im doing the insanity program too! just started it two days ago. Well i use to be a personal trainer but nutrition was never my specialty. im 21 6'2" 234 lbs so we are not so far off and for my age and activities my doc said its freakish how low my metabolism is(never a thing anyone wants to hear!). The most important thing is to maintain a high intake of protein. i try to keep it about 300 grams because i usually only take in about 130 grams of carbs. if you dont eat enough protein(especially while doing insanity) you will definitly start shredding muscles because your body will begin to use muscle tissue for energy. My only problem is that while im watching what i eat i am typically only getting over 2000 calories a day. After two weeks ill redo my measurements and see if i need to force more food down my throat. Just make sure you have plenty of quick absorbing carbs directly after the workout. i stick to about 50 grams of protein and 50 grams of carbs. get it from a protein shake or some kind of quick absorbing food. Replenish that body and dig deeper the insanity program isnt a joke! On the bright side if you really are keeping up with your stats on here it wont take long to see if you need to raise or lower your caloric intake! good luck
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