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I totally agree that it's not more than one thing - but mindless snacking is absolutely prevalent. I've become a lot more "food conscious" in the past 6 months I think, and I've noticed that any time I go somewhere, or sit down, BAM, there is a tray of food.

I went home for a vacation and was scheduled to be at an aunt's house for literally half an hour (as were most people, we were waiting for a bus) and there was a veritable shmorgishborg of food laid out just for that waiting period -- crackers, chips, veggie trays, meatballs, cheeses of all varieties, you name it. I personally say that...sure, there should have been a little food available and certainly water to drink, but ALL THAT FOOD?! It ended up going to waste, as no one was really hungry. It was 10:30 in the morning.

I also saw other folks in their home sitting to watch the news. Having JUST eaten dinner -- and there has to be food of some sort. Popcorn, chips, cheese trays, just in case they get wandering fingers (and, of course, they do - eating when full). You ask if they're hungry, and they shrug, say "not really" and pop another chip in. It's crazy.

I've been trying to be mindful about food, because I think the heart of the issue is that there's very little thought, in general, about what's going into our mouths (whether it's snacking or portion size or nutritional content). Mindless convenience is trumping all, because our lives are SO busy nowadays -- kids have to be in 20 clubs and sports, you have a job and ANOTHER job on the side to make ends meet, there's a culture of everything-right-now prevalent in society today -- that things like food and nutrition have fallen to the wayside in favor of the almighty buck. It's sad When I speak to my grandparents, it seems like it was a lot different not too long ago....
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