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Very interesting, Pam, thanks for the link.

IMO, I don't think it can be narrowed down to any one thing. Rather, I feel like we have the "perfect storm" that is comprised of snacking, big portion sizes, easy accessibility of unhealthy foods, a rushed culture of people on the run...the list goes on. It's a cultural thing now and people are adapting, and not in a positive way. Yesterday I had to take my son for a CT scan at the imaging center. Since the time I'd been there for my mammo in October, they've installed new chairs in the waiting room...bigger, the size of two chairs put together...for their overweight patients. It was sobering.

Just yesterday I saw a Taco Bell (I think) commercial for an XXL burrito. They were emphasizing how huge it was (comparing it to a baby, could feed more than one person, etc.). That was the whole selling point!! Not taste, not quality, not nutrition (),, here's this huge amount of fast food, just for you. Like that was a good thing.

Stay informed, be aware, make your choices with your eyes open. If you want to snack, snack, but know what it does and doesn't do for you. If you want the XXL burrito, have it, but know what you're having.

Now I've hijacked your thread...sorry!

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