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Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
Welcome to the forums and thanks for your feedback!

Realistically, I doubt your first request is going to happen (I think it would be really complex to program) but as a workaround some folks create one or more "fake" custom food(s) and enter it where desired between actual food items such as:

---------- BREAKFAST --------
----------- LUNCH ----------
Double Whopper w/Cheese

and so forth.

As to your second request, that would be a nice time saver.

Originally Posted by lepale View Post
I would like to see the option of dividing the food log into meals. It is commonly suggested to break your calories up into 6 smaller meals a day. This would be a nice feature to have. You don't have to call them breakfast, lunch, etc. just simply meal 1, meal 2, and so forth.

Plus being able to plan your meals in advance would be nice as well. I'm also irritated by the "too hard to program" comment. There are FREE sites I have used that have this feature and they seem to think it at least cost effective to add it. What's FitDay's problem?! I expect MUCH more from a site I pay for!!! Don't give us excuses, your customers have a need/demand its your job to try and make it happen. That's a good way to lose business. I hope I don't see much more of that kind of attitude or I'll find somewhere else to give my money too that will make a reasonable effort to provide the services their customers request!
Please tell me that you are not calling out Michael and saying that it's his job to make things happen. I'd hope that before you decided to show your ass you would have taken the time to read the forum rules!
FitDay Free Calorie Counter and Diet Journal:FitDay Forum Rules In case you didn't you should check it out first before you decide to call someone out.
You'll see:

13. Do not complain about the rules. Any public discussion of specific cases will be removed and you will lose your posting privileges (temporarily or permanently). This is a privately owned forum and we created the rules based on years of experiences with thousands of members. Moderators and administrators are unpaid volunteers who spend a lot of time making sure our forum is safe, clean, and supportive. If we decide that your post is inapporpriate, it will be removed or locked. Please don't argue and please don't keep posting along the same line otherwise you're gone too.We reserve the right to disable posting abilities of anyone that violates any of the terms of membership, without warning or notice.

So, this isn't HIS JOB! He has his own job and a family to tend to. He is a forum member just like you (well maybe not) that volunteers HIS TIME to HELP YOU and the OTHER MEMBERS! He owes you NOTHING, got it? He does this out of the goodness of his heart just like the other moderators so show a little respect or gratitude next time. FitDay is offered for free if you are a paying member and not satisfied, try it for free, if you are still not satisfied then go elsewhere, it's that simple.

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