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Well, I have started this several times. The first time was to just get smaller. My husband is attracted to the athletic build (not that he is pushing me) and I want to be just that for him (and me, I am not going to lie, the prospect of looking great in workout shorts is something I enjoy). I am lucky in my body. I distribute weight evenly and have a decent body shape. Problem is, I am distributing too much weight. I am 5'3" 157 lbs, well above the healthy weight range. My goal weight is 125 lbs by July 30th. Very doable. And keep in mind, with my very tiny frame, 125 lbs would not make me look too thin. But my reasons for this goal are different now. Of course I still want to be sexy, and I am not going to lie, that is the big one. But also, I have had two consecutive miscarriages, and while my doctor does not think my weight is a factor, I can't help but feel guilty about getting pregnant when I knew I was overweight. Hopefully after some medical testing and a some healthy weight loss, we can have a healthy baby to join our six year old son.

This is the first time I have tried the public forum, so I am hoping it will keep my motivations up. I am off to use the Wii Fit (very fun) and do some housework. Wish me luck.
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