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Originally Posted by simplicitybythesea View Post

i'm new on Fit day. I found the book Primal Blueprint linked on Weston Price so I started reading the www Marks daily apple. alot of the information makes sense to me, since i feel really bloated if i eat grains. I tried soaking the flour as they said on Weston Price and Nourishing traditions by sally fallon. but i felt better then before but still bloated little.

i order the book but it hasnt come yet. i have alot of questions. can anyone answer them?

i'm a 5'4 woman 233lbs out of shape and never been skinny in my life. can this diet work for me?

do you have to cut out these things for all the life? or can you add some back in after you lose the weight?

if i cut m carbs down to 100g a day is this enough to lose weigh? i tried going to what atkins said 20g i couldn't do it, even taking out bread and pasta.

if i occasionally have some mashed potatoes or a slice of bread, let's weekly or every 2 weeks will this make it hard to lose weight? reverse all i did the week before?

i really want to try this lifestyle out but i know myself i can't do it cold turkey. i tried with all my might, i abstained then one day i failed and binged eating a whole pan of brownies.

i changed my habits from eating out alot fast food to now trying to learn to cook at home. i eat salad at lunch and dinner. i thought not eatin fast food but follwing clean eating diet would be enough. but in 6months i only lost 10lbs. i need help!
Simplicity....The tone of your email is frustration and I totally hear you! The advice I would give you is to quit obsessing about every detail. I'm getting started primally and just realizing how much of my food life revolves around wheat products and carbs. After hours of reading and figuring the best approach (because I'm not good at the cold-turkey approach), I have decided to attack one thing at a time.
Instead of removing a bunch of stuff from my diet (which is already fairly healthy but...) I am adding tons of vegetables at every opportunity. VARIETY is the key. If you eat nothing but salad you are going to go crazy. Mix it up. My thought is that by adding and substituting more than deprivation, my consumption of the bad stuff will automatically decline! So far, it's working!
The philosophy of this is more about training your body and metabolism to work differently. That means using fat for fuel instead of that 'easy to access' glycogen. That way you don't have to worry about just dieting for awhile and then going back to your old, wicked ways. If and when you do, your body will let you know it isn't happy. You need to see some progress and positive changes and then you will be fired up to keep it up.
As far as I'm concerned, if you limit your portions, eat more frequently and start moving in vegetables and moving out some of the bad stuff you are on the right track!
I wish you all the best and can't wait to hear about your first successes!!!!
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