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Last night I switched it up a bit and decided to do 30 on the stationary, then do my weight circuit, then finish with the stationary. Since I like more resistance at a lower rpm, I set the heart rate higher than normal (I get bored when it is too easy to pedal).

Thought I was not sweating as much as normal even though I was working harder than normal and had dropped 6 17 oz bottles of water throughout the day, so well hydrated.

When I got up from the bike there were puddles of water on both side about a foot long and 4 inches across...just standing water. I fel better then....

Working the weights for the first time ever. Keep track in a notebook of which ones I do, which order, weight, reps, and if it was not enough weight, just right to give that "can barely do the last one", or too much (could not do enough reps). Showing some progress.

So yeah, the water consumption and gym routine will definitely be a major part of what I do, though my first love is still riding 30 - 50 miles after work 3ish times a wekk, then having a longer weekend ride. Does not have the benefit of adding the lean muscle mass, but riding with my buddy and getting so much stronger there is certainly nice.
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