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Talking How a tablespoon of mayo changed everything

Tracking everything I eat and do has really helped me want to make the right choices. Today I was looking for a snack, and saw a can of tuna. Yummy! Then I thought about what I would mix with it. I thought about mayo, and grabbed the bottle from my fridge. I looked at that label on the back, and groaned. 100 calories! I looked wistfully at the mustard, and decided to see just how much mayo I would get for 100 calories. As I squeezed it into a tablespoon I realized that wasnt really going to make my tuna better, it was hardly enough. And it was 100 calories - thats alot! So I threw out that tablespoon of empty calories, and went for a forgotten jar of sweet relish, at just 20 calories a serving.

Now eating my tuna and typing this I feel REALLY good. I am proud of how I stayed in the moment and was honest with myself about what was best. I could have stuck that tablespoon of mayo in my tuna, and squeezed a bit more in for good measure, and likely derailed my diet completely. After that it would have been very easy to say I already blew it, and likely I would not have wanted to journal, and so the spiral goes out of control.

I am worth more that a fleeting taste in my mouth.

It took a tablespoon of mayo for me to really realize it.
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