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I listen to two guys who have a podcast on iTunes (free to subscribe to their podcast), 'Fat 2 Fit.' They also have a website but i like listening to their podcast.

They have a refreshing take on dieting. They say to live like the slender person you are aiming to be. It sounds to me like you are doing just that. Everyone's got an opinion about slim people but, excepting the people who are naturally skinny people and may even have a hard time gaining weight, slim people do eat less and move more.

That's what you're doing. You're just getting impatient about the weight loss. I agree with whoever suggested carefully counting all your food (weigh and measure it as well...) Not only do people underestimate how much they eat but they tend to get sloppier about how they measure as time goes on - those people who even bother to measure, that is!
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