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Default Greetings and a quick question

I will ask the question first...

How long does it take to change metabolism?

The specifics; having worked at a desk job until recently, I used the Harris-Benedict to set my calorie intake with a sedentary level. Then I started biking three times a week, changed it to Light.

Then I got an unbelievable deal at a chain gym (11 bucks a month) so started the gym thing. The plan was to work out 3 times a week, but for whatever reason the last three weeks have seen 5 days per week either playing basketball, golf, biking, or doing the gym.

It is not the plan to stick with that schedule as life will get in the way, but it does lead to the question; how many weeks should you go before adjusting the necessary calories to reflect a spike (or drop-off) in activity level?

Now to the introduction.
Recently hit my "danger weight" where I start getting chest issues, so set up my program to limit calories and use biking to boost the metabolism. Was 244 when I started that, 236 when I discovered this wonderful site.

My drop goal is 2 pounds a week with an initial goal of 210. I am currently dropping 2.8 pounds per week, but it is not necessarily a sustainable drop; For example, I stuck a half piund either way from 232.6 for a week, then we rode a 40 mph unscheduled ride Saturday and now I am 231 on the dot.

Because it is due to a burst of activity sandwiched between two "normal" workout days, I will not be surprised if it comes back or is unsustainable, but that is fine...I am a full week ahead of schedule and can simply adjust my intake a bit.

Other key changes have been instead of my typical fare of pizza and soda, I am eating a fair amount of fruits (strawberries, grapes, bananas and apples) and a few carrots...I hate most vegetables and do not care enough to fight past the nasty flavors to consume them, so that is probably about as far as it will change, but it is about 1000 % better.

I have been learning how to lift weights...something I had never done before. Mostly I just love to bike, so putting in anywhere from 60 to a hundred miles a week on that.

I am pretty much a "if I don't enjoy it I do not bother" type of dude so the foods and exercise routines are unreasonably limited, but with careful monitoring, everything is falling into place.
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