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My first response when I saw this thread is why aren't I losing weight? because I seem to be at a standstill. But my reasons for wanting to are:

1) to control my blood pressure and maybe get off my bp meds
2) to be a good example to DD
3) And I am trying to avoid sugar and cut carbs because those foods cause my fibromyalgia to flare up terribly.
4) My family members don't tend to live long and I want to be around for my DH and my darling girl.
5) And yeah I'd like to look good but at 51 with thinning hair and self consciousness about partial facial paralysis due to Bells Palsy, I figure maybe that ship has sailed. Tho I still say I am cute as a bugs ear.

And honestly, I looked at your pictures and you are beautiful. Seriously beautiful. Anyone who says they don't want you due to appearance is just a stoopid doodyhead. IMHO.
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