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Hey where'd everybody go?

OK so I am reporting Sunday now so maybe I won't eat anymore. It's funny I have been bored and sick of food and yet I can't stop eating. Also busy weekend: friends over Friday night, conference on Saturday, movie night Saturday nigth till nearly 2, up early book club, food shopping and family stuff. I'm pooped.

1) keep calories to 1300 or less:1286, 1550 (was at 1300 or below but needed, Saltines and pretzels for tummy ache), 1552, 1647 (dinner out and stress eating), 2125, 2214both due to social situations and stress eating, 1614
2) walk or gym 3x or more a week: beautiful walk on a beautiful road, yes walk, no, gym, walk, no, no
3) 8 glasses of water: 104 oz, 72oz, ? 40oz, 72oz, 80 oz, 72 oz, 56 maybe, I'll try for more
4) be a stretchy mama every day (that's stretchy not bitchy) a little stretchy, not enough; very stretchy, yes, yes, yes, no, no
5) cut sugar and have fewer carbs in general: yes, yes, yes, no, no, no, no
1) write at least one hour every single day: yes, tried but distracted by DD, wrote about Phoebe, eh, yes, finished piece, went to a workshop on agents, no but still might
2) meditate at least 15 minutes:yes, yes, no, no, yes, no, no
3) listen more: trying!!! but no, no,?, yes, yes, yesish, yes
4) worry less: eh, yes, no, woried about DD friend but only briefly, no, yes, yes
5) stay on this thread!!! yes, yes, yes, still here,yes, no (but I'm back) here till the end of a hard week, goodbye my darlin Phoebe
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