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Here're my reasons:
1. I'm a single mom, and simply can't afford to get ill.
2. I want to set a good example for the kids on how to live a healthy lifestyle. We enjoy "junk" in moderation, but they see their mom exercise daily, and put healthy foods in front of them.
3. I work in a nursing home, and see the MANY MANY people who have health issues directly associated with their obesity. Many are on more than a dozen medications! I am in my 40's and some of the residents aren't much older than I am!
4. My family tends to live to ripe old ages. I would like to be able to enjoy my retirement and go on trips, play with the grandchildren and spend my hard-earned money on things I like - not medication, procedures, etc...
5. I like having people look at me with disbelief when I tell them I'm 45!
6. I like being referred to as "the thin one" at work!
7. Last but not least, still holding out hope that I will meet a nice man who finds me attractive and loves kids!
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