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Hi Everyone,

Just checking in...

It's been a pretty rough couple of weeks. My mom was released from the hospital (I have no idea why) on Tuesday and has needed around the clock care ever since. I've been staying with her at her house since then, but couldn't keep it up and turned elder care duties over to the "wandering brother" until Sunday night to recharge my batteries and figure out where we go from here. It feels so good to be home... I can't tell you. I've barely seen the inside of my own house in 2 weeks. Hoping she begins to improve, but if not, she'll need care that I sure can't provide. It's heartbreaking because she doesn't want me to leave her side, but my family needs me home, as well. I feel so torn.

My weight has been interesting. I can't get her to eat, so I bring everything to her that I think may work. When she turns up her nose at it, I've been eating it myself, yet my weight remains the same. Just the stress of being away from my family, I guess. Hoping brother sees the enormity of the situation and pulls more responsibility as the "elder sibling". (He's 10 years older than me.)

Spent tonight catching up on posts from the last 10 days or so and got some good laughs. You're all the best. I haven't had any real access to the internet as she has a very old computer with dial up. I got the old dinosaur of a computer somewhat updated to the point where I can check my email, but that's about it.

Thanks soooo much Cassie, almeeker, Mern and others for your kindness. I so look forward to a time when I can get back to some sense of normalcy and laugh again.

Sounds like you're all doing well! I'm rooting for all of you to continue to do well. My goal for next week is to clean up my own diet before "stress weight" starts to add up.

Good luck all! I'll check in when I can.


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