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Default So why are you loosing weight?

I made the decision to loose weight because I had been utterly miserable in my marriage. I had been married for ten years and if it wasn't for my children, I would have thought those ten years was an utter failure!

I had gained so much weight during my marriage that I simply removed any full length mirror I had owned.

After the divorce, I made a decision that I needed to grab hold of my life again! But my problem is that my love life is totally in the pits!!!

Everytime I date some guy or girl it ends pretty quickly. A couple guys did actually mentioned it was my weight. Now, on one hand I was thankful for their honesty but on the other hand I was quite upset that they could not look past my weight.

But it is human nature. People are attracted to your body and they are not. And your success in a relationship may very well have to do with your physical attraction to the other. And Vice versa.

So I am loosing weight because:
1. I want to be healthy again! I am so tired of..well being tired!!!
2. I want a fulfilling love life where they are attracted to my body AND my mind!
3. I just wanna buy cute things again! I really wanna go to the Petites section again!!
4. I wanna pick up my old fun habit of cycling. I can't do that being overweight!

This is me now

hopefully I will have a very much slimmer "after pics" in a year or so!!

So what are your reasons why you want to loose weight?

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