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if you like almonds and peanut butter... you can make your own almond butter. same sensation, better option, and i really love the taste. i buy a bag of almonds, roast them for 5-10 min, let them cool to just warmer than room temp and put them in a food proccessor. then you just run it until you have almond butter really. it take about 5-10 min of mixing and you have to stop to clean off the sides quite a bit. once the oil has separated and it has formed a butter, if it isn't as smooth as you want, you can drissle a bit of olive oil or coconut oil in the proccessor while it is running. (it doesnt take much). Then if you want to add a bit of sweetness to it ( i do) i slowly add a 1/2 tbsp at a time of sweetener while it is running. Pick whatever sweetener you want. i've used splenda or brown sugar in the past, but i found some natural cane brown sugar stuff that i use now. i only add about a tbsp and a half most times.
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