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Hi Nancy,

You poor thing! I had no idea! I'm glad you are feeling a bit better. Isn't the human body amazing? I didn't know that the tongue grows back, I knew the liver would but not the tongue. Good for you on your attitude, I understand what you say about it being so important.

Not much been happening here, it has been raining on and off all week (at least I dont have to water the garden and allottment - but the exercise would have been good) so I have not been very good this week I must admit. I put on a pound last week, but I did drop 3 the previous week to Im not too bothered. I can lose 4lbs over night and put it back on the next day so I am trying to only weigh on a Saturday to give me a more realistic view. With this wet weather my joints are swollen and my wedding ring is tight so I know I am carrying more water.

As it is my 50th birthday next month and our 20th wedding anniversary in August I have told my husband that I would like an eternity ring to mark the occassions (he is not in the slightest bit romantic and would never have thought of it himself, so I have to make these "suggestions"). But having fat fingers it is not the time to be going to the jewellers! Perhaps if I am extra carefull I can lose enough to counteract this bad weather! As it is Wimbledon at the moment I know that the bad weather will continue for the next couple of weeks - it ALWAYS rains when Wimbledon is on.

Take care of yourself.
Love Nita. x
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