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Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
Yes, eating well and not exercising is OK. Exercising and eating poorly is not as good, but still better than eating poorly and not exercising--it takes longer to get into serious trouble. I know you're back on track now and that is great. I'm glad you've not given in to the "all or nothing thinking" that has derailed so many (myself included) in the past. In the whole scheme of things, 20 pounds is nothing and I'll bet you see that gone in a month or two (if not sooner).

I did post a "before" and "during" pic back around the 5th of May on my one-year anniversary of the lifestyle change--it's over in the Success Stories subforum. I'm about 20 lbs lighter now than in that pic so I'll take another "during" shot soon.

Yup, you look fab! Awesome job!!!

I've not been in serious trouble thankfully, and I half expected to backslide at some stage. Can't be too upset about 20lbs, it could've been much worse as you said. Plus I've not gained enough inches for it to make a visual difference. My fitness level is pretty good and I'm not afraid to sweat and hurt during workouts. I'm doing things now that I never thought I could, and loving it!
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