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Thanks for all the input! I am happy to hear that being hungry is normal. After my Aquacize class tonight I had a low fat yogurt drink and some toast, now just waiting for my tea to steep.

It is difficult for me to have snacks or drink with me when I exercise because I do so in the pool. However, should I choose another activity I certainly will have water with me. I also like to have baby carrots on hand. The crunch is satisfying and they are relatively sweet.

I have tried protein shakes before and had to gag it down and pray it stayed there!

As for working out on an empty stomach, I actually debated whether or not to have dinner tonight before I went to the pool, as I knew I was going to be hungry afterward, but in the end I was talked into having some salmon.

Amazon2Andes, that trick with the bar graph showing calories in vs calories out is WICKED! I have weighed how much exercise is required to negate whatever is tempting me, and it does work! I think that in the past, that was the main motivator for me!

Thanks again!
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