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Default the one with the clip board is in charge....

Mary – keep those Y machines busy!
Nancy – sorry to hear about migraines – they can be horribliy debilitating, I used to get fairly frequently, and they have decreased – is this a side effect of getting fitter? Don’t know but I’ll take it.

I had decided not try to have a class with my friends on Thursdays – I had found that, without a trainer, we spent a lot of time asking “well, what do you want to do?”

So, I put a weight training workout out which one of the trainers and I had developed onto a spreadsheet, and put that on a clipboard so I could keep track of reps and weights over time. A

fter my 20 minute run I went to the weight room. Friend 1 showed up – “Oh, you have a chart?” “Yes, J and I worked it out, You’re welcome to join me”, next thing I knew there were four of us, doing my workout chart. No one got hurt – and I think we all challenged each other. There was a quiet body builder in the weight room, we were most invasive, but he didn’t seem to mind!

Keep on moving...
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