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Hello Nita,

I have been really sick with migraine and just today, 7 days later, am feeling anywhere near normal. I actually worked out today..did 42 min of aerobics with wrist/ankle weights then lay on the floor afterwards with my cotton yoga blanket over me, feeling good! I will probably hurt tomorrow but I don't care, I will do the same workout over again but without the weights.

Our boat is going in the water today..the big launch. We also have workmen building us a retaining wall to keep the flooding at bay..we hope it works.

I am back to eating well and logging my food wow it has been ages it seems!...but I am back on track and feeling a little bit proud of myself for not falling to pieces just because I had a setback. Nita I don't think you know this but I have cancer. I had a checkup on Monday where he found an ulcer under my tongue, he thinks it is caused by my teeth rubbing against the new tissue as it grows out. I have oral tongue cancer and had 1/3 of my tongue removed last August,,it is growing back, isn't that amazing??!! I am doing very well tho, attitude is everything and as important, if not more important, than any medicine they will give you.

Ok now I have to dry my hair ( gave myself a hot oil treatment earlier) and get dinner started. I am just pulling stuff from the freezer and cupboards for some kind of a cozy dinner on this chilly June day. We are having roasted/breaded chicken thighs, scalloped potatoes, broccoli simmered in chicken stock and carrots cooked in orange juice. I know it sounds like a winter meal but it will make a tasty break from grilled fish, for a night at least.


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