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Default Peanut Butter - It's a Love/Hate thing

Damn that peanut butter. Got me again last night. I should not be watching the Food Network, even though it was Chopped and they have weird foods. Still makes me want to nosh.

I really thought I had thwarted the peanut butter demon earlier in the day. I'd taken the grandkids to the park, packed a picnic lunch. Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, oranges, and lemonade for them. Sliced chicken, cucumber, celery & pepper strips, apple slices, & water for me. When the not so hungry 5 yr old handed me her 1/4 eaten sandwich I took just one little lick, and then snapped out of it. A family of squirrels and some crows were happy to get the leftovers. I was proud of my resolve.

But later on, the notion of that peanut butter would not get out of my head. I ended up caving in and eating a piece of toast with gobs of it slathered on. Really. Not. Good... since I suspect a gluten intolerance and generally avoid all breads. ugh

I don't get me sometimes.
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