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April, my condolences to you and your dad on the loss of your stepmom. Sounds like your Dad loved her very much. Best wishes for your Dad's life on his own. Congrats on your exercise and control of the junk food.

Hope and April, and Mike, thanks for your empathy. I do pretty well in a tense situation by continually telling myself I don't have time to think of anything but remaining in control. I get nervous when it's all over thinking about what could have happened, though. My son said he wasn't worried because he didn't know I was caught in the storm--he thought I was still indoors. Glad he didn't know.

Hope, You're off to a very good start this week. Keep up the good work! Congrats on the stretching, too!

Mike, best wishes on your goals this week. Congrats on paying off Uncle Sam! I'm guessing my Monday carb binge was 200-250, but that's horrible for someone trying to control her blood sugar without meds. So is the epidural just to give you a break from the pain for a while? How long will that last? Your pain sounds absolutely horrible by your description of it compared with a tooth ache. I understand what you mean--my upper arm and shoulder felt like that a few years ago when I had a really bad case of tendonitis and bursitis. I cried with the pain. My heart goes out to you for both the pain and the sleepless nights. But I commend you on your forethought to avoid getting dependent on prescription pain meds. Is it possible to alternate prescription and over-the-counter meds to prevent getting dependent or addicted? I have no idea--just throwing that out to see if it's a possible solution. Yep, seems like whenever we think our lives are the pits we can always look around and find someone worse off, like the guy who had the inflatable slide accident. Big gentle cyberhug to ya!

Tuesday report: I did really well on everything except exercise. Promising myself to get in at least a mile of aerobic walking today.
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