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Default Tuesday Report

Wow Mern! That sounds scary. Glad you kept your wits about you and made it home safe. I bet your son was worried.

Thank you Main80! Every encouragement helps.

Today is off to a great start with an awesome workout! I may not have a great end to my week though. Last night my Dad called to tell me that my step-mom of about 20 yrs passed away. She was paralyzed and bed-ridden for the past 7-8 yrs and she and I had an on/off relationship. Since December of this past year she has been either in a hospital or a nursing home. They said she could not be at home any more due to her health condition needing constant monitoring. In January her heart was so weak that only 1 of every 4 beats was a good one and they gave her 7-10 days to survive. She came back and made it until June 21st. She finally succumbed to multiple UTI's. She has been on antibiotics for almost the past two years for them and the antibiotics no longer worked. she was delusional from the infection but was not awake since late Sunday. She passed in her sleep. So later this week we will need to make a trip to Ohio to help my dad with her viewing. I don't want him to be alone for it. He has devoted every waking minute to her for the past 7-8 yrs. Caring for her at home himself with only a day nurse so he could go to work. Even going to the hospital/home multiple times daily to make sure that the nurses were doing what needed done. He is going to be so lost for a while without having her to take care of and learning to take care of himself. I just hate that he is six hours away. I am going to work on getting him to move back home. Anyway...I'm about to cry and I'm at work where customers can come to my window at any time and I don't want that....

Health -
- work out all days that hubby works he's off Mon & Tues
- walk during lunch break at work every day I take a lunch (might not get to on Friday) yes, 1.5mile(30min) | yes, 1.75mile(40min)
- no junk food yes! | no, small dish of ice cream
- drink 80oz water daily (or more) yes, 96oz | no, 72oz

Life -
- don't sweat the small stuff yes | yes
- try to get in the pond at least twice this week no | no
- keep paperwork at work caught up no | yes!
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