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Hi Cassie, so glad you're here. Love having your positive presence.

Mern, what a frightening experience. Glad you're OK. I can picture myself freaking out in your situation but it sounds like you handled it well.

Mike, I too am glad I can understand your posts again.

1) keep calories t[/color]o 1300 or less:1286, 1550 (was at 1300 or below but needed Saltines and pretzels for tummy ache)
2) walk or gym 3x or more a week: beautiful walk on a beautiful road, walk
3) 8 glasses of water: 104 oz, 72oz
4) be a stretchy mama every day (that's stretchy not bitchy) a little stretchy, not enough, very stretchy
5) cut sugar and have fewer carbs in general: yes, yes
1) write at least one hour every single day: yes, tried but distracted by DD
2) meditate at least 15 minutes:yes, yes
3) listen more: trying!!! but no, no
4) worry less: eh, yes
5) stay on this thread!!! yes, yes

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