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Default Hello I am a newbie to this site

I have had weight issues since I was married to my first husband in 1986. After the birth of my first child, I found I just couldn't lose the weight I had gained.
Then I lost almost all of it except for the last 1o pounds. Things in my marriage wern't happy so I started to gain all the weight back again after my second child...So much going on then after the divorce I just ballooned into my biggest size ever. Now that I am remarried and relatively happy I have decided for my health and to stay around to a ripe old age I would take heed to what the doctor was telling me. To lose weight. I have since then started going to Tops Club (Taking Pounds Off Sensible) and taking responsibility for my weight gain and loss. I have quit eating sugar for the most part, and I watch what I eat. I exercise everyday. A ride on my stationary bike, a walk to the mailbox or just gardenig. Now I am working my way to be healthier and looking good at the same time. Thank you to my supportive husband and friends.
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