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Hey....losing BF without losing muscle is very difficult and it will take a lot of patience. the tried and true practice (gold standard) for loosing BF is P-40/C-40/F-20..but first you must prime your body by starting burning fat with a moderate carb diet p-50/C-30/F-20 for about 4 weks, then switch to 40/40/20...can the peanut butter or opt for smart balance peanut butter with low sugar...fat begit fat's and don't not exceed 20%, taper carbs late in day preferably your last 2 meals unless you workout in the evening, your post workout meal can have carbs...Carbs should be complex only. following the 50/30/20should result in a .5 to 1 lb every 10-14 days very slow but permanent. then 40/40/20 should take you to the next level and get you to your goal...finally shoot for 10-12 cals per lb of goal weight and adjust up/down 200 cals accordingly and you shoud probably add 1 more workout day if you can....see how that works for you, Good Luck! look for Tom Vuto's Burn The Fat Feed the Muscle it's the guide I used and provides good information and tells the truth about the scams in the fitness industry.
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