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wildbeanerz, excellent news on your loss and a great day yesterday.

mhibdon, the good thing about the party train is being able to get off and then back on. Congrats on focusing on your goal.

wowgirl88, welcome back! Good luck on sorting out a schedule that works for you!

carolinefrance, best of luck with the personal trainer, it should help you stay in track.

Mike, good to see your goals are back to "normal" ones, instead of the confusing ones

wghtloser, my best wishes to the week ahead!

Mary, love that you are feeling motivated, I do envy your daily sauna.

Hope, only now did I see your name in the signature :S! Thank you for the wishes, happy solstice to you!

Almeeker, I mostly suffer salt cravings and sooth them with chips too... but I would say you can try popcorn, hummus, olives, little cheese cubes if you can control it (I can't).

Cassie, hope you can sort things with so much going on.

My mind is already on vacation... but I have been mostly good.

1. Eat good food, be careful about "empty snacks". Yes
2. Stay hidrated. Yes
3. Stay active. Yes
4. Catch up with emails by Wed. Very little.
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