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Tuesday report (I'm one day ahead of most of you guys :P).

  • Eat everything Lite N' Easy deliver - no exceptions, and nothing else. N
  • Drink at least four bottles of water a day - even weekends! Y
  • Work out the best way for me to get to the gym daily. N
  • Gym six times. N
  • Take the dog for a walk at least three times. N
  • Be honest in blog with emotions, even though three people I know IRL are reading it. -
  • Cut back the smokes, big time. Y
Not Fitness:
  • Organise my bedroom more. N
  • Organise the rest of the house again. N
  • Water the plants. N
  • Take mail to nursing home. -

Once again the "I have money, why not go drive thou?" ghost visited, yeah, I might have some spare change now, but I'm gonna need it, and not for crap food! So not so great yesterday. Slept in and was late to work for I think the first time in three years, fighting the yawns all day, then movie night, so it was a late one. Straight to bed (last time I went to the gym on the way home), and here I am several hours later at work.
Need to organise a schedule of sorts, work out what will work for me.
Good to be back here though, love reading all your posts.

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